Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 2: The Great Pumpkin and His Raccoon Army.

Hello folks!  Well, you've made it to October.  Congratulations!  To celebrate, why don't you kick up your feet and listen to Episode 2 of The Internuts Podcast?  I'm joined again by Thelma Weinstein and Karl Whitman as well as Karl's common law wife, Myrtle Mulligan.  If you haven't already, feel free to follow this link and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.  All the cool kids are doing it!  

Talking points include: reverse dynamite, Satchmo, Aggro Crag vs. Astroglide vs. Seal's face, Kirk Cameron, JGL, juice fasts, Matt Damon as a kangaroo, cursing on TV, Occupy Wall St., cat intimidation, The Curse of Chuck Mangione, Craigslist personals, Asian women at Panera Bread, "get the dress out of me," free pantie coupons, and the world's most popular podcast segment...Accent of a Woman.

As always, The Internuts Podcast uses some dirty words so please listen carefully.  You've been warned.  Enjoy and we'll see you back here in November!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chris shows you people with turtles drawn on their faces.

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay in posting.  Full disclosure: I'm moving to a new apartment at the end of the month and I haven't had a spare minute to write.  I am, however, still planning to release a new episode of The Internuts Podcast this Friday.  In the meantime, please enjoy this website that turns noses into Ninja Turtles.  Consider it a peace offering!  Enjoy and check back in on Friday for a new podcast!

I don't know why I love this so much.  Alright, Internuts, seeya on Friday!