Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 11 - Ghost Farts and War Tanks!

Hi there!  Another month has passed us by and that can mean only one's time for another episode of The Internuts Podcast!  Listen as I reflect back on the month of July with perennial podcast favorite Philip Darrenkamp, Second City alum Josh Philo, and taxidermist Beth Beverly.  Can you listen to a more insightful podcast?  Sure!  Can you listen to a more professional podcast?  Absolutely!  BUT, can you listen to a podcast with as many taxidermy anecdotes as this one?  PROBABLY NOT! 

PHILIP DARRENKAMP is a man whose credentials and origin are a mystery to everyone but himself and the master jewel thief who taught him to read Hebrew.  JOSH PHILO is a Chicago resident, sketch performer, and product of the venerable Second City Training Center.  BETH BEVERLY is Philadelphia's premiere rogue taxidermist.  You can see her work here, read about her from The New York Times, check out her blog, and watch the video below.  CROOKED STILL is a wonderful string band that repurposes traditional music as well as writing their own excellent songs in an old-timey style.  Buy their newest album, Some Strange Country, wherever it is that you buy albums.  As always, thank you to Kevin McLeod for providing our theme music.  Finally, make sure to subscribe to the show through iTunes and leave us a nice review.  That's it!  Enjoy and I'll see you back here on August 15th for another episode of TV Craps! and August 31st for more of The Internuts Podcast! Talking points include: a Tour of Italy, Pepsi Clear, bird bones in Chicago, squirrel centipedes, taxidermy war stories, toothpaste vs. Old Spice, David Bowie's makeup, Plus Size in Cincinnati, nude crudités, To Catch a Koala Predator, getting wet with Whiskers, JO in a tornado, piano medicine, To Catch a Robert Loggia, Hunter in a bucket, Catman Begins, Bill Gates: Rocketeer, ankle deep in trim, Army Surplus war tanks, dog racism, and The Internuts Fan Fiction Corner!   

Sunday, July 15, 2012

TV Craps! Episode 2 - The Insider/Dogs in the City

Hi Gang!  Well, it's that time again.  What time, you ask?  PAY ATTENTION!  It's time for Thelma and I to watch an hour of television and report our findings to YOU!  Today we were tasked with watching The Insider and Dogs in the City on CBS.  Needless to say, we get distracted fairly quickly and spend most of the time talking about The Newsroom, True Blood, and Wes Anderson movies.  Surprisingly, I don't think this episode features any big spoilers unless you are super invested in True Blood.*  So grab a snack, kick back on the couch, and listen to TV Craps! with Chris and Thelma!

*If you are super invested in True Blood you should rethink YOUR WHOLE SITUATION.