Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 1 - The Saga Begins...

Well, hello there!  It's been a long time coming but tonight I'm very pleased to introduce you to The Internuts Podcast!!!!

The podcast will be a supplement to the Internuts blog that you've grown to love like your firstborn blonde child.  A new podcast will be released every month.  This month's episode features lengthy interviews with Karl Whitman (Attorney at Law and fencing enthusiast) and Thelma Weinstein (Semi-Professional Acupuncturist and my own lovely girlfriend).  We'll have a rotating panel of guests and will happily accept discussion topics if you have any to offer. Click on one of the highlighted links if you'd rather download the show than stream it.  If you do stream below, please give it a few seconds to load before playing.

Also, I generally keep the blog around a PG-13 rating (about one F Bomb per post) but the podcast will be mostly uncensored.  Please don't listen unless you're an adult (or an awesome child) who doesn't mind a little salty language.  

Alright, that's enough about a little listening for a change!  Please enjoy The Internuts Podcast and spread the word if you enjoy what you hear.  Okay, bye for now!

The Breakdown:
0.00.00 - 0.02.30     Introductions
0.02.31 - 0.19.22     Box Office Talk (and some other stuff from awhile ago)
0.19.23 - 0.22.09     Lou Templeton, Attorney (Commercial)
0.22.10 - 0.31.50     Remakes, reboots and sequels. (Boob tallies and Over/Unders)
0.31.51 - 0.34.23     Accent of a Woman (Karl Whitman)
0.34.24 - 0.36.16     Food King 1400 (Commercial)
0.36.14 - 0.38.14     Introductions and apologies
0.38.15 - 0.41.48     Recent Box Office Talk
0.41.49 - 0.48.30     Milestones (Birthdays and Deaths and Other Things)
0.48.31 - 0.51.29     Box Office Again...
0.51.30 - 0.55.49     The Emmy Awards!!!  A couple shows we know and a ton of shows we don't know!
0.55.50 - 0.58.25     The Vineyard (Commercial).
0.58.26 - 1.08.57     Random talk, games, and goodbyes.

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