Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 3 - The Bedazzled Scimitar of a Dandy Mohel.

Hello everyone!  Well, the holiday season is upon us.  Even the crew here at Internuts H.Q. is not immune.  This month’s episode is full of the lackadaisical charm that you’d expect after a heavy dose of tryptophan and red wine.  Join Philip Darrenkamp, Ken Swanson, and I as we explore the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  As always, you can subscribe to the podcast by following a link like this and following some simple instructions.  It’s easy, dummy!  Have a fantastic Turkey Day, Internuts, and we’ll see you back here in December!

Talking points include: Tale Spin, brown rice vs. racism, Guinness in the summer, house fires, Edgar Winter suits, metric Troy Aikman, Old Pet Reggie, quivering cranberry sauce, the art of the "Ginelli," the pending male folder, sandwiches on pedestals, dolphin names and the podcast sensation...Accent of a Woman. 

P.S. - I’d like to offer a special thank you to Kevin MacLeod (@kmacleod on Twitter) for composing all the fantastic music used on The Internuts Podcast.  Thanks to Kevin’s generosity I get to use amazing music in every episode without paying one nickel for royalties.  Please, please, please check him out at

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