Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 4 - A Dolphin Colon: There Will Be Rape.

Hello, gang!  Whether you celebrate a religious-style holiday or you just love pumping your hard-earned money into our ruined economy, WE HAVE GOT A PODCAST FOR YOU!  Join Thelma Weinstein and I as we host an eclectic get-together in our rustic Vermont cabin.  Perhaps you’ll meet Jim Conrad, the creative force behind the Extra Nuts podcast on this very website!  Maybe you’ll share some eggnog with comedian and writer, Glen Tickle!  Perchance we will shamelessly plug Glen’s websites: and  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!  We will also be joined by The Ghost of Christmas Past and a mall Santa named Sebastian as we explore the true meaning of Christmas...Jurassic Park sex play.  Check back in on New Year’s Eve for a super-extra-special edition of the podcast and we’ll meet again in 2012.  Happy Holidays, Internuts!!!

Talking points include: SNL vs. S&M, Sid the Destroyer explosion holes, quiet dirty Hitler, “Plugatory”, baby slingshots, the Higgs boson playground particle, boners in watch pockets, Scrooging the Pooch, Derek Jeter’s basket of beg buds, pyramid-shaped girls, double caps, out of context Jurassic Park quotes, Reese’s Christ, dog juice, and the world’s worst podcast segment (B)Accent to the Future.

As always, a very special thank you is owed to Kevin MacLeod (@kmacleod on Twitter) for composing all the music used on The Internuts Podcast.  If your latest project could use some music but you don’t want to be sued by Lars Ulrich, visit for fantastic, royalty-free compositions.

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