Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 13 - The First Annual First Anniversary Spectacular!

It’s a celebration, bitches!  September 22nd marked the 1 year anniversary of The Internuts Podcast!  In our first year we’ve released 12 monthly episodes (not counting bonus episodes OR our sister podcast, TV Craps!).  That’s 12 hours of pure listening pleasure!  Do you know what else was 12 hours long?  The first season of M*A*S*H.  That’s right…mathematically, this show is as good as M*A*S*H.  Suck it, Alan Alda!  To illustrate just how long 12 hours is: you can get in your car in New York City, hit play on episode one, and you won’t hear silence until you reach Detroit.  Try it for yourself!*


To commemorate this special occasion, I’ve compiled a clip show that features some of my very favorite moments from the first year of the show.  If some of the clips are new to you, take some time to browse our back catalog of episodes.  Subscribe to the show through iTunes and leave us a review.  Tell a friend to listen. The Internuts Podcast is also down with youth culture because we have a Twitter account now!  Follow @InternutsChris to get updates, learn about guests, and say hello!

Making this show isn’t easy.  Each month I book guests, search out awful things on the internet, talk with record companies, and whittle down hours and hours of rambling audio.  I would like to thank my amazingly patient girlfriend for sharing me with a laptop computer for the past year.  I couldn’t have done it without you, babycakes!  Thank you to Kevin MacLeod for composing our various theme songs. Thank you to The Wayside Shakeup, Crooked Still, and Lettuce for sharing their music on the show.  I’d also like to thank all of my friends (old and new) who appeared on the podcast.  Without brilliantly funny guests like you I would be talking to myself each month like a lunatic.  Finally, THANK YOU LISTENERS!  I can’t believe how many people listen to this show.  It’s absolutely crazy but I’m not complaining.  You guys are the best.  Please keep listening and tell your friends!  There will be no new podcasts in October while I celebrate this milestone by lying on the couch for a full month and not recording any of the words I say.  Check back in November for brand new episodes of TV Craps! and The Internuts Podcast!  Enjoy the fall weather, friends, and thank you for listening!

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