Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 23 - Chai Tea for Patrock

Where has the time gone, my friends?  It seems like only yesterday that the summer was laid out in front of us like the roast beef station at an Old Country Buffet.  But, like the aforementioned smorgasbord, sometimes too much of a good thing makes us tired and sweaty.  Also, gassy.  Super-gassy.  Much like the crimson leaf drops from the maple tree, The Internuts Podcast is about to shed a dearly beloved segment.  After months of questionable plotting, suspect story arcs, and piss-poor spelling it’s time to say goodbye to the terrible Harry Potter fan fiction “My Immortal.”  I’d like to say it goes out with a bang but, well, you’ll see.  Join Karl Whitman, Sebastian (the former mall Santa), and myself as we bid adieu to summer (and Dumbledork) and say hello to autumn.  Hello autumn!!!

Music this month is provided by Good Old War from their self-titled album.  You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.  You can follow this podcast on Twitter at @InternutsChris.  Next month is the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Internuts Podcast so make sure to check back at the end of September for a very special episode!  


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