Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drop us a line!

Hey folks!  I'm pleased to announce a new feature on The Internuts Podcast!  Thanks to the wonders of Google Voice, you can now call in and leave a message that, if deemed worthy, can be played on a future podcast.  Tell a funny story, let off some steam, or do your best impression and you might just become a minor internet celebrity!  Leave your name if you'd like a shout out or you can remain anonymous.

The Internuts Hotline is 215-821-9798.  It's not toll free or anything so don't call in to read War and Peace unless you have unlimited minutes.

We're dedicating the February podcast to the upcoming Academy Awards so leave a message if you'd like to share some thoughts about this year's nominees or the movie business in general.  Check back in for Episode 6 of The Internuts Podcast! and you might just hear yourself!

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