Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 5 - Through the Wormhole...

Hey everybody! How were your holidays? 2012 is officially upon us and the end of the world, as predicted by John Cusack, is just months away. Better start listening to The Internuts Podcast before things start getting hairy!  This month I'm offering an insightful conversation with Thelma Weinstein and Jim Conrad.  As you know, Thelma is my beautiful girlfriend and Jim is the creator of the Extra Nuts mini-podcasts.  But did you know that Jim is also a musician?!? It's a fact, you stupid dummy!  Check it out!  And while you're clicking on links, I'm in a band too!  Alright, that's enough shameless plugging for now.  The Internuts Podcast will be back in February with a special Oscar episode for all you cinephiles. Keep on rockin', Internuts!

Talking points include: Ryan Seacrest: Angel of Death, Morgan Freeman's wormhole, bat babies, Papa Diddy Pop, being your own step-granddaughter, pornography squirrels, old people in restaurants, tipping carnies, jerking it so right, peeing in a sink, baseball teeth, a plus 6 Scope regimen, geode sex, Anne Frank vs. Haley Joel Osment, fast food pizza, and an exciting new Internuts game!

In case you were wondering about the fantastic music used on the podcast, Kevin MacLeod (@kmacleod on Twitter) is the mad genius who offers up these wonderful compositions free of charge. If you ever need to use some music for a project I strongly recommend If you don't visit this website Paul McCartney will sue you.

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