Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 9 - The Chernobyl of Pope Hats...

Like a stately tortoise shambling into a 7-Eleven, springtime has taken leave of us.  But fear not!  It's summertime!  Fire up your grills, put on your shades, and liberally apply some SPF Hilarity!  No, but seriously, you should use sunscreen too.  Join Thelma Weinstein, Jim Conrad, and myself as we take a look back at May and get ready for the steamy months ahead!  Make sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes and leave a review.  If you leave a nice enough review you'll get a shoutout on a future episode!

Talking points include: boobies and dragons, the Kidnap App, Rocky Road sex, Podcast Energy: Taste It!, the Elfman/Depp Connection, peeing on the radio on the internet, The Old Spice Girls, the first scary president, smut books on the subway, water illness, the CEO of Douchebagness, Hummus Monster, Memorial Day Pageants, Play-Doh vs Silly Putty, mermaid spells, the worst advice ever recorded, goiters and goaters, The Gentleman’s Stitch, “Destiny needs a chalice," and The Internuts FanFic Corner!

Take some time out of your busy schedule to listen to Jim's band.  While you're at it check out my band, too!  And while you're whipped up in a link-clicking-frenzy check out My Brother, My Brother and Me!  AND go here for royalty free music!!!  Whew.  Alright, that's enough shilling.  Enjoy the beautiful weather, Internuts, and I'll see you back here at the end of June!

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