Friday, June 15, 2012

TV Craps! Episode 1 - Chopped!

America!  It's time for a very important announcement!  Beginning today, there is a new monthly podcast availble from Internuts Headquarters.  Say hello to TV Craps!  Think of it as the precocious little sister of The Internuts Podcast!  TV Craps! will be released on the 15th and The Internuts Podcast! will be released on the last day of the month.  During the show, Thelma and I are assigned a random channel to watch on television for an hour.  We dutifully watch and use the show as a jumping off point to discuss television in general. 

Warning: this is a podcast about all things TV and there will be spoilers!  I'm including a list of time stamps below so you can skip over certain segments if you don't want to learn too much about your favorite show.  You've been warned!

The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia

Topics of discussion:

00:00 - 11.34  Random chitchat
11.35 - 20.40  Mad Men 
20.41 - 31.33  Random chitchat
31.34 - 38.19  Breaking Bad
38.20 - 43.09  Asking Siri about wine
43.10 - 49.07  True Blood and Game of Thrones
49.08 - 56.02  More chitchat and goodbyes

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