Friday, June 29, 2012

The Internuts Podcast! Episode 10 - The Crossed Swords of Living Wizards!

It’s hard to believe, Internuts, but the Dog Days of Summer are upon us.  It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the Otter Hours of Winter and the Marmot Minutes of Spring.  Thankfully The Internuts Podcast! has been specially formulated to be enjoyed in an air conditioned environment.  Don’t try to listen to this shit outside.  It’s hot out there, playa.  Join Jo Pincushion, Tony DiGerolamo, Karl Whitman and myself as we learn the best ways to beat the heat this summer.  Also, we talk about zombies.

Note: There are a few issues with sound quality on this episode.  We record using Skype and, dependable as it is, audio hiccups do occur.  Despite my best efforts the guests occasionally sound like Carol Anne from Poltergeist.  Please accept my deepest apologies. 

Talking points include: sitting down at concerts, sad summer Santas, CBF, Bon-O, lava monster propaganda, bold Batman opinions, stuff coming at your face, Camelbaks full of White Zin, pieces of meat, Mitt Romney's The Stand, rodent troubles, Peep Trap, believing Smash Mouth, girl farts, pickling The Beast...sexually, Mighty Morphin *White Power* Rangers, breastaurants, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and America's favorite: The Internuts Fan Fiction Corner!

Jo Pincushion is a writer, actor, blogger, singer, podcaster, and all-around busy young lady.  You can check out some of Jo’s work at GeekadelphiaGuySpeed, and Things Women Want.  You can follow Jo on TwitterFacebook, Tumblr or find out more from her website

Tony DiGerolamo is a comic book writer, screenwriter and web-presence-haver.  Tony writes for Bart Simpson and Simpsons Comics, both released by Bongo.  He has also written for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  Tony wrote the comics Jersey DevilThe Travelers, and The Fix.  Tony is the creator of the webcomic Super Frat and the co-creator of The Webcomic Factory.  Tony has his own Wikipedia entry which I am impressed by.

Karl Whitman is a dear friend of mine but he has accomplished very little with his life.  He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry.  He should be ashamed of himself.

Last but not least, I’d like to give a special thank you to The Wayside Shakeup for allowing me to feature some of their music this month.  Look them up on Facebook and YouTube and follow them on Twitter.

I'll seeya back here for TV Craps! on July 15th and another episode of The Internuts Podcast! on the 31st!  Stay frosty, friends!

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